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ED Sample Pack: Cialis + Viagra + Levitra

Why Buy It and Is It Really That Good of an Offer?

Though you'll find a host of ED meds being sold in pharmacies, the chances are high not all of them will work for you. If you need to find out, which specific pills can help you bring back the bedroom fireworks, your doctor could help you get the correct medication, but even a licensed professional doesn't always get it right on the first try. This is where an ED sample pack definitely comes in handy.

Instead of having to buy full packages of different ED meds, you can opt to buy the ED sample pack. This comprises several brands of ED meds (usually with different active ingredients) in one package. ED sample packs contain a variety of products, and there are no standards limiting what should be included in such a pack.

In most cases, the impotence test packs contain three to five different brands of ED meds. There are usually 1 to 10 pills for each brand.

Boots pharmacy sells an ED starter bundle that contains generic sildenafil, Spedra (avanafil) and tadalafil. Other packs may contain only sildenafil and tadalafil. However, most ED sample packs from online generic pharmacies have sildenafil, tadalafil, and vardenafil which are the commonest impotence meds currently sold on the market.

Why Buy an ED Sample Pack?

An ED sample pack is an excellent option if you are trying ED meds for the first time and you don't know the specific drug that will be effective for your condition. The pack allows you to test drive different impotence pills so that you can make up your mind on which one suits you best. This is more favorable compared to buying whole packages of different meds, since you really only need a few pills to assess their effectiveness.

An ED sample pack helps you to save money. Buying whole packs of different ED meds will obviously cost you more if you are still trying to find your best drug. Purchasing an ED sample pack is also easier because you don't have to place different orders and pay the delivery costs separately. Buying them all as one makes the logistics much easier to handle.

Most of the generic pharmacies offer ED trial packs without asking for a prescription, and this attracts many consumers who wouldn't like to open up about their condition. Wouldn't it be too tiresome to obtain a prescription for each of the meds in the ED sample pack?

However, it is always safe to find out more about the drugs before you start using them. Read the information about the meds contained in the pack and know what side effects they may cause as well as the drugs they interact with. It is safer to consult your doctor before taking the meds.

The Downsides of ED Sample Packs

Although a sample pack is good for someone who hasn't discovered their best drug, it might not offer many benefits in the long run. The price per pill in a sample pack can be higher compared to buying the same tablets in their full package. Therefore, it is wise to switch to the full packages once you discover which ED meds work best for you. Another problem with the ED starter packs is the potential for abuse. People buying these packs can be tempted to take different kinds of ED meds at the same time. Cases of people swallowing generic Cialis and sildenafil pills or sildenafil and Levitra concomitantly are not uncommon. By doing so, these individuals are exposing themselves to the risk of overdose and experiencing adverse effects.

Some sample packs can also contain counterfeit meds. Scam online pharmacies might entice the buyer with a good offer on sample packs which might be carrying fake meds that can be harmful to the users. This is why the customers need to be very keen when buying ED sample packs from online generic pharmacies.

With an ED starter pack, it might be difficult to monitor the effects of the different meds. If someone used sildenafil today and then switched to tadalafil the following day, they might experience side effects that cannot be accurately linked to either drug. The side effects could be caused by any of the drugs, or it could be a result of the combination. Therefore, this makes it difficult to know the effects caused by the individual meds.

If you haven't found out what ED medication is best for you yet, the ED sample pack is a good option to start with. However, it should not appear a lot on your subsequent orders because it is good to stick to one medication that suits you. Changing the meds without a good reason exposes you to side effects. Though sample packs might seem a good offer at first sight, a closer look at them reveals that they might just come coated with too much hype. Do the math on the cost per pill and find out if the pack is worth it or not.